Discipline: lamp designer

Evelien Florijn is a future architect with a passion for designing. In September she started her Master of Architecture at the University of Technology in Eindhoven. She knew from an early age that she wanted to do something with her creativity. On a faraway holiday she spotted in a small boutique, an old-fashioned carbon filament lamp with a colored, fabric cable and it was love at first sight. She decided to only buy the carbon filament lamp, and back in The Netherlands she wanted to buy a colored cable. This was proved difficult and her partner jokingly suggested that she should start her own webshop selling complete lamps. This idea lingered and in August 2014, with the help of her partner, she started the webshop DEEF Lighting, where everyone can compose their own DEEF lamp. DEEF Lighting enables her to combine her technical knowledge and creative spirit.

The concept

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The webshop sports three different DEEF lamp models. For each model, you can choose the shape and size of the carbon filament bulb, which of the six available cords, and what type of fitting. Evelien then assembles the unique design which will be ready to use within two weeks. The minimalistic design highlights the carbon filament bulb, creating a true eye catcher.
There also is the possibility to create tailored designs for both personal and work spaces. Evelien will personally come to visit, and whilst enjoying a nice cup of tea, she can create a unique design.
She created a Limited Edition collection, especially for this exhibition and following the same theme. This collection consists of two Creative DEEF lamps with a long cord of four meters and a plug. This creates many possibilities for how and where you want to place your lamp, only needing a socket. A dimmer and small hook are included.

Creative DEEF Red White edition (2a)*

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This Creative DEEF has a red and white cord with a zigzag pattern, which complements both the spring season and exhibition theme. The Vintage Brass fitting with on- and off switch provides a royal touch that along with the pear-shaped carbon filament lamp creates a unique product.
Prijs / price: € 150,- per stuk / a piece. For sale at the reception, and online at www.deeflighting.com.

Creative DEEF Red White edition (2b)*

02b blauw 3 h200

This Creative DEEF has a royal blue colored cord, that together with the Vintage Brass fitting creates a classic ensemble. This model has a globe shaped carbon filament lamp with a diameter of 95mm.

Prijs / price: € 150,- per stuk / a piece. For sale at the reception, and online at www.deeflighting.com.