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Visser en Meijwaard is the design label founded by Steven Visser and Vera Meijwaard in 2013. Both followed their education Product Design at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, where they continued to work and live. The designers duo makes strong but subdued products, from accessories up to interior products, of which versatile materials and clear shapes constitute the essence. In their designs they are guided by recognizable details and the way in which the product is used.
Truecolors Collection (3)*

Inspired by the versatility of industrial PVC cloth Visser en Meijwaard developed their latest collection Truecolors. The collection consists of a series of bags, cabinets and stools with detachable cushions made from this strong industrial cloth. For this collection Visser and Meijwaard got inspired by existing functional products from their youth. The design of their stool arose by looking at an old gymnastics buck you used to find in the gym at school. Their cabinet is inspired by the folding camping closet that many camper users had standing in their awning during summer holidays. Truecolors is a contemporary design collection in which versatility of color and use are key.

Truecolors Cabinet (3a)*

03a visser en meijwaard kast rood h200

The Truecolors Cabinet is constructed from a frame of lacquered oak wood around which a PVC cloth is tensioned. The cabinet can be opened and closed by the two zippers on the front. When the zippers are open you can roll the fabric and attach it to the top of the cabinet so that the cabinet remains open.

Material: PVC cloth, oak wood, synthetic zipper
Dimensions Cabinet: 200 cm high x 60 cm wide x 40 cm deep.
Price: € 3000,- (made on demand, different colors possible)

Truecolors Stool en Bench (3b)*

03b visser en meijwaard blauw h200 03b visser en meijwaard krukje rood h200 03b visser en meijwaard oranje h200

The Stool and Bench are made of lacquered oak wood with a detachable cushion of industrial PVC cloth. The cushion can easily be changed due to the zipper that connects it to the base. The zipper is both a technical compound as an important detail in the design. The cushion is available in several colors.

Material: PVC cloth, oak wood, synthetic zipper

Dimension Stool: 48 cm High x 50 cm wide x 30 cm deep.
Prijs / price: €315,- (The pillowcase can be ordered in different colors)

Dimension Bar Bench: 81 cm high x 85 cm wide x 30 cm deep.
Prijs / price: € 445,- (The pillowcase can be ordered in different colors)