Discipline: illustration and ceramics

In the summer of 2013 Roos Sanders graduated at the Artez Institute of Arts in the Netherlands as a product designer. She specialized in earthenware and illustration. In her graduation period she started to combine existing objects with recognizable shoddy statuettes.

She started to pile on, copy and magnify. Eventually this resulted in the collection ‘The Room Whisperers’, consisting of music boxes, candlesticks, a book of illustrations and a wall paper. Her products are not made to use, they are made to look at, they are pieces of art with their own story, disguised as products and inspired by her own childhood. The time where in items have a character and are more than dead objects.

After her graduation she expands her collection with different prints, table pieces and a clothes hanger, among other work. By now her work is produced in small quantities and sold in various galleries and shops throughout the Netherlands.

‘The Room Whisperers’ candlestick (4)*

04 kandelaar artemis h200

This candlestick owes its shape to Bartje, a kitsch figurine that tells us the old Dutch story about a precocious Dutch boy that never wanted to listen to what he was told. Roos Sanders combined the bored and stubborn expression of the boy with the elements of an old-fashioned candlestick. In this manner she created a candle-holder with human characteristics. The candle-carrier is melted in to the dish up to his knees, stands a bit askew and is because of his size, just as unmanageable as Bartje!

Roos Sanders has designed a small size for the enthusiast with a somewhat smaller wallet. The small candlestick comes along with 3 small stub candles packed in an illustrated box, specially designed for this product.

Candlestick (large)
Material: earthenware
Colors: cobalt blue and natural
Price: € 399,-
Order on demand via www.roossanders.nl, delivery time 3 months

Candlestick (small)
Material: earthenware
Dimension: 12 x 12 x 12 cm
Colors: Cobalt blue, white and natural
Price: € 50,-
For sale at the reception

‘The Room Whisperers’ Bernard (5)*

05 bernard h200


or her environment. In a time in which we live in a hurry it is important to sometimes just reflect on the moment and focus on your direct environment.

This all can be achieved with the music box! Rose Sanders combines het new collection of illustrations with her ceramics. This combination led to the idea to use paper in her ceramic products. Thus arose the stone collar of Bernard.

The music box is fitted with a mechanism which rotates the platter, and if you pull the cord, the music will start to play.

Material: earthenware
Dimension: 30 x 30 x 50 cm
Price: € 750,-
Color: cobalt blue
Order on demand via www.roossanders.nl, delivery time 3 months

Impression of illustrations Verjaardagsgasten (6)*

Dimension: 44 x 57 cm
Material: Full colour print on plexiglass