Discipline: visual artist

About Liesbeth Bos:
Liesbeth Bos is visual artist and economist. She was born and raised in Liberia. After starting out on a course in garden and landscape architecture at Wageningen University she changed to economics, in which she graduated. She graduated at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 2006.

About her work

Liesbeth Bos produces fragmentary installations which reveal structures and current questions on society in a continuous search for balance.

Her motivation is to find a balance between the fragmentary and impulsive world on the one hand and moments of reflection and beauty on the other. The more you look for extremes, the greater the danger of losing your balance; but at the same time you feel more intensely that you exist, that you can do what you do with heart and soul.

Starting point for a work of art always is a fragment; astonishment on a daily event. A single fragment is analysed enlarged and dissected. The process of unravelling and reconstructing starts. New images arise. Every new image automatically evokes another.

In her artistic process Liesbeth Bos reveals the deeper structures of the original image. Extremes are connected, the plain and the complex, the abstract and the concrete. She works in series. Every fragment that is analysed results in a series of images. In such a series, a question is asked about the balance between the fragmentary and impulsive on one hand, and reflection and beauty on the other.
Seen at a glance, variations on a theme, but each successive works penetrates deeper into the essence of the question, automatically leads to the next question and tries to answer it. A whole is created, a new reality, in which the concrete and the poetic meet each other in a balance of their own.

Photo project 'there are two ways' (12)*

52 weeks

12 grotezijlroede liesbeth bos h200 12 koekamplaan liesbeth bos h200

12 oldemarktseweg liesbeth bos h200 12 visafslagweg I liesbeth bos h200

12 wassenaarseslag liesbeth bos h200

52 weeks is an impression of photos taken weekly, a yearlong. The images are seemingly coincidental moments, lend from the real world. By isolating the photos and taking them out of its original context new images emerge, a collection of fragments. Together the images show new and different points of view. A new reality emerges. Beauty, light, rhythm and color in the photos are a way of gaining attention, to seduce the viewer. Once seduced you notice, by looking, there is more. There are more ways to experience an image. Sometimes nice, sometimes edgy, always to think about.

Series photo’s on forex
Dimension: 30 x 45 cm
€ 295,--  a piece