Discipline: textile design, graphic design and product design

The translation of landscape into image plays a huge role in the work of Studio Geanne. During her graduation Geanne Welles rediscovered her old love for landscapes and cartography, which resulted in an interactive autonomous work existing of 100 landscapes that fit together lake a puzzle. Nowadays Studio Geanne translates landscapes and their stories into paper goods, fashion accessories, prints and art.

Scarf Ingepolderd (13)*

13 ingepolderd fotografie silvia wennekes h200

The scarf Ingepolderd is an ode to the Dutch people who have fought and built against the power of the raging seas. The Polder landscape of the Netherlands is unique and its pattern stands out, among other agriculture. For this design Geanne has cut an entire map of the Netherlands in tiny neat pieces, like Polders, and glued them together based on their appearance to create a repeat.
The scarf is made of cotton voile (100% cotton). Handmade in the Netherlands and printed in the US.

Washing directions: Handwash at 30 degrees Celsius, do not put in dryer.

Material: printed on cotton voile
Price: €59,50

Carpet (14)*

printed carpet

14 tapijt coevorden h200

Commissioned by Prints van Oranje, Studio Geanne designed a modern version of the Persian carpet. The similarities between the map of a fortified city and a Persian carpet have led to the final design of Coevorden.

Price: € 475,- (only for sale on order)

WALL.SCAPE #3 (15)*

asercut wool felt on acrylic glass

15 wallscape3 detail 02 h200 15 wallscape3 totaal h200

Since 2010 Geanne Welles is a globetrotter within the application Google Earth, searching for interesting shapes and patterns that she saves in a database. With the pieces in this database she creates different compositions. The framework of a computer screen deducts any form of scale and proportion from the landscape which makes it an abstract image.

Price: € 855,85