The products used by Esther Derkx ended up as garbage after a complete life. The story they bring is a valuable element in Esthers’ work, she intends to build a new story on the former end.

Esther studied 3D design at the Utrecht School of the Arts and she works in her studio in Utrecht as a self -producing designer since 2000. Besides various art projects, sanitary and tiles she developed the ‘Improved!’ product line. The ‘raw material’ of this line is found at flea markets, second hand stores, or comes from industrial waste. By using different techniques, the raw material is given a unique and contemporary character. In this way Esther renewed incomplete sets, discarded drinking glasses, vases, lamps and advertising banner. Recently she started a collaboration with designer René van Doorn ( Together they produced a series of lamps made from discarded streetlights.

(5) ‘Improved!’ - crockery


The ‘Improved!’ crockery line consists of incomplete crockery items that has been given a new life by re-printing them with new designs, using ceramic transfers. Images of dancers and athletes were chosen because of their flowing movement, which complement the contours of the crockery that is collected. Either next to, or on top of the original prints, they are always interrelating in a special way. Every design is chosen specifically for its particular shape to preserve the unique character of each cup and saucer. The images are being fixed in the ceramics oven. ‘Improved!’ crockery is not dishwasher safe.

Material: vintage porcelain with ceramic transfer

(6) ‘Improved!’ - glass

The ‘Improved!’ glass consists of discarded glasses, vases and carafes that are provided with raster images and line drawings. The glasses are not dishwasher safe.

Material: vintage glass with glass transfer

(7) STREETlights by Derkx & Van Doorn

interior lighting made from used streetlights. / 

In the Netherlands, currently all streetlights are replaced by LED lamps. Old lanterns disappear largely to waste. The designers Derkx and Van Doorn convinced the municipality of Wijk bij Duurstede (NL) to give way to an experiment with their old streetlights. The plastic bulbs with a diameter of 60 cm, appeared to be the ideal basis for new designs. By sandblasting, painting and adding used rope for the conduit, Derkx and Van Doorn re-invented the used lanterns.

STREETlights is a joint project of Esther Derkx and René van Doorn. René owns the design and styling agency Vorom. He specialized in architectural design and furniture design that has resulted in a versatile portfolio. Recycling and sustainability are important items for both designers.

Material: used streetlights, polycarbonate
Dimensions: 60 cm

Bom: Matte finish € 450,00

Hanging lamp pure € 320,00  
Hanging lamp colour, varnish in- and outside  € 415,00
Hanging lamp colour, varnish inside € 375,00
Hanging lamp colour, varnish outside € 375,00

Boei: 1 part sand-blasted, 1 part lucid € 685,00

Bolo: 2 parts 1 lighting source, 1 colour inside € 525,00