Max has always had the goal to design and manufacture products that are innovative, multifunctional, modern and timeless, but with a universal style. Max began his education at Sint Lucas in Boxtel as exterior/interior designer. He then moved to Mechelen in Belgium to complete his study and further broaden his knowledge of interior and furniture design. Five years ago he started up his own studio in Nijmegen ' Maximaaldesign ' specializing in furniture, toys and interior design.

About this design 

The chair design is a celebration of the festival year "from Mondriaan to Dutch Design" 2017.

It is an acknowledgement to the acclaimed Dutch artist Piet Mondriaan, an important founder of the magazine 'De Stijl' which eventually led to the influential artist movement 'De Stijl'. The faces of the chair are painted in the primary colours blue, red and yellow; the cube itself is black.

This famous color combination is evident in the Mondriaan dress designed by Yves Saint Laurent, which also contributed to Piet Mondriaan’s world renowned image. The chair design has many similarities with the design of the famous chair by Gerrit Rietveld. The skeleton shape of the cube is the basic form. 

The chair seat is formed from the upper square panel of the cube. This panel has a recess for the backrest that is completely inserted at an angle of 5 degrees. The backrest attaches to a horizontal strut on the bottom face of the cube. This gives the chair its stability.

01 max mutgeert chair de stijl h800


Max is especially excited about his multifunctional furniture design 'PushMax'. The 'PushMax' is manufactured from recycled plastic. So it is not only an ‘environmentally-friendly’ item of furniture, but the design is both practical and stylish. As a student, Max only had a very small living space in a dormitory; that is why he concentrated on multifunctional designs. The 'PushMax' can serve as a chair, table, desk, or storage cabinet. He proves that this practical, comfortable, stylish and 'green' design is ideal for both living or work areas. 

02 max mutgeert pushmax h800