Frans Vendel (Haarlem, 1955) studied art history and Archaeology at the free University in Amsterdam. In addition, he studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, in the discipline painting. Frans Vendel manufactures 'minimal art', he lives and works in Haarlem.

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About the work

Frans Vendel is one of those artists who, like Mondriaan, first figurative worked and then was released on the total abstraction. He uses a minimalist design language and a reductive aesthetic. The work is about essence. The shape is the content. Order, regulation, rhythm and systematic play an important role. The shape of the carrier (Vendel paints on canvas or on mdf) he regards as an important part of the composition, because this carrier, which may be square, rectangular or round, the contours of the performance. 

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The works consist of geometric shapes or faces, the colors are bright and are often used in a combination with black, grey and white. The artist is looking for a balance between the shapes and their colors. The paintings invite you to contemplation.


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