Staring Back At Me Accessories is the brand name of the Amsterdam based designer Edith van Kan. Edith was born and raised in a small town in the south of the Netherlands. After high school she moved to Amsterdam to study jewellery making and in 1997 she graduated gold- and silversmith at De Vakschool Edelsmeden. Later on in Hamburg she worked with Hilde Leiss in her Galerie für Schmuck, representing exceptional contemporary jewellery from around the globe. Back in Amsterdam she decided to broad her perspectives and further develop her qualities as a designer. Edith enrolled in a hat-making course by Marjanne Jongkind and completed a two-year professional Fashion styling course at Academie Artemis in 2007.

Edith van Kan has been designing accessories and objects for as long as she can remember. She assisted in various styling jobs and was responsible for the design of the Theatre Show ‘Circus Bronbeek’ in 2010. After exploring various disciplines, materials and techniques, she now returned to her first and true love: designing jewellery.

The artist about her work

“I look at things in a playful way and I have great passion for experimenting with shapes, colours and materials. My work usually derives from intuition. An idea pops up in my head and I just can’t wait to start working on it. Every day objects and even craftsmanship long forgotten can be an inspiration for my handmade statement wearable designs.”

Flashback 8 Necklaces

Year of creation: 2015

04 edith van kan flashback neckeless 02 h800

The series “Flashback 8 necklaces” is based on spatial figures like the sphere, cube and pyramid. It hints an inspiration by the Bauhaus movement. The collection brings you back to your childhood when you used to play with geometrical blocks in the primary colors red, blue
and yellow. Experimenting with different materials is a recurring theme in the Staring Back At Me collections.

04 edith van kan flashback neckless 01 h800

1, 2, 3 Set Brooches

Year of creation: 2016

1, 2, 3, set Brooches is a collection of geometric forms with a clean and silky look. The brooches can be worn separately or in customized sets. With 1, 2, 3 set Brooches
SBAMA invites you to create your own playful designs. The brand Staring Back At Me Accessories is characterized by unique compositions of contrasting colours, shapes and materials.

04 edith van kan sbama brooches01 h800