CRE8 is a social venture based in the center of Amsterdam. In our studio and workshop we fabricate and sell our own designed products, like original lamps, unique jewelry and personalized toys. All our products are made using digital fabrication methods, like laser cutting and 3D-printing. CRE8 social venture wants to be meaningful for everyone in the community; not only for clients and consumers, but also by focusing on the talents and effort of less visible groups within society, specifically disadvantaged youngsters.
At CRE8 they can discover their interests, and under the supervision of the CRE8 have the chance to evolve. In this way we want to positively contribute to the career opportunities available to these young people. At CRE8 Social Venture everyone is welcome to work on the(ir) future.

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Lamps Betty and Ties

BETTY and TIES are bespoke lamps fabricated using our laser cutter. The unique black line, a feature of our laser cutting technique, adds a sharp edge and sculptural feel to the shade. Flick the switch and it gets even better as the light shining through the hive-like louvers paints your walls in a gorgeous dappled glow.

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Garter vases

The unique shape of our vases can only be produced with 3D-printed technique. Our 3D-printers fabricate the vases by printing bioplastic layer by layer. There are three vases and multiple colours.

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