Ruth has studied at the Academy of Arts Artibus in Utrecht and followed teacher training at D’Witte Lily in Amsterdam. (Drawings and textiles and a first degreed teaching license by WVC) When Ruth started as an artist, she used many various techniques. The combination of painting and textiles have led her in creating light objects. As a Pastor daughter, Ruth was often in the Dom church in Utrecht. She was fascinated by the bright colors of the stained glass on the grey walls of the church. Colors and light are for Ruth very important. Nowadays she paints on canvas, working exclusively with oil paint, it offers the color a deep glow and layering. Ruth works in her studio, which is reflected by the Haarlem see-light. Even on a grey and dark day, it is still a pleasant place to work. She captured these movements into her work. The works of Mondriaan did not affect Ruth at all. Now she appreciates it very much. Ruth finds he simplicity revealing and thanks Mondriaan for his work.

Eye of Noor

I made this pixel-paiting cause I was intrigued by the brightness of the look of my 8 year old granddaughter. I thought I could figure out the mystery by using the right value of the pixels. The mystery persisted. What remained; is a precious painting.

07 ruth van veenen oog noor vermelden bij werk h800

Aquarel from Femke Rijn 

On the wall of the Cabinet hangs a watercolor (10 x 15 cm) from 1967 and a portrait photo from 1966 by Femke, the sister of Ruth. In 2009, Ruth comes in the possession of material from her family past. She found the small watercolor by her sister Femke, which she made in a difficult time of her life. To feel what she was feeling, Ruth created this watercolor.

08 ruth van veenen femke h800

Stripes 2014 till present

This series has grown from working with modules for the Doppler series. I got the need for more space on the canvas. I have chosen a repeating rhythmic pattern, with repeating distances to dominate the differences in color. Of this series are multiple works.

09 ruth van veenen stripes vermelden bij werk h800