Marcia van Dijk lives in and works in Leiden (NL). After a distinguished career in law she rediscovered her passion for creating art that had long been dormant. She has attended classes at KABK and the Art Academy Leiden and Haarlem and with Eva de Visser. She creates drawings, paintings and graphics.

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Marcia finds her inspiration in the early (abstract) painters of the 20th century: Mondriaan, El Lissitzky, Kandinsky, Malevich, Miro and for het use of color: Matisse, Marc and Delauney. The compositions are created intuitively. Color is an important element of the image. She sees herself as a representative of the art form of “reductive art”. This is an art form that uses a limited color palette and (repeatedly returning) graphic forms.

To all works applies that Marcia reduces the three dimensional world to two dimensions.

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