About the Gallery

Art Gallery Salon West is a gathering of established artists under one roof in Amsterdam-West. Come and see the artists show, discuss and create their own work. You will find a wide variety of artworks such as paintings, etchings, 3D works, photography and artist wear. Visit the gallery from Wednesday till Saturday from noon to 7 pm. 

You will always find one of the artists in the gallery. The disciplines of the participating artists are very diverse and so are their styles and disciplines. From figurative to abstract and from small to large works are exhibited and for sale in the gallery.

Artist: Gaïd Ombre

Gaïd Ombre is a well-known artist from Amsterdam. She is known for her paintings, etchings and sculptures. Gaïd is inspired by women in nostalgic scenes. She painted the work ‘Fun’ in 2017 and used a layer of epoxy to make the painted layers more vibrant and visible.

17 salon west schilderij fun h800

Artist: Charlotte Burgmans 

Charlotte Burgmans creates paintings and sculptures. Her focus is predominantly on abstraction. She composes shapes and lines and the overlapping layers symbolize connection.
‘Permuted’, oil paint on aluminium, was created in 2016.

17 salon west permutedoliealu34 192cmcburgmans h800

Artist: Mark Louisse

Mark Louisse is an Amsterdam based artist, painter.He is blurring the boundaries between abstract, modern, impressionistic, figurative, street and comic art.

17 salon west mark louisse h800