I am a practicing sculptor since a number of years. Originally educated and working as an architect, I developed a passion for working with steel as a form of free expression. The work is abstract by definition and effectively is a search for the visual power of different geometric shapes. The geometric shapes as a result, showing themselves, no more, no less.
My intention is to create objects that will enter into a (silent) dialogue with its spectators.

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The metaphor

The natural inclination of steel is to return to its original state, being ore. In order to make steel from ore, a lot of energy is required. Steel therefore has a higher energy state and ore a lower energy state. Newly produced steel will corrode in order to return to its most stable state. Disintegration of steel structures to the lowest energy state is the natural process. Similar to human existence, more energy is needed to preserve what is created and keep it from decay and disintegration than the energy required for the creation itself.

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The sculptures

The shapes as shown, were selected for the expo theme van Mondriaan tot Dutch Design.
Steel 64 is a serie of 4 shapes, developed according to the concept of a cube. Restricted to the measures of this cube (250x250x250mm) several forms are to be seen that are related to each other. It will be obvious, that steel 45 and 52 are the “strangers” in this collection and have another position in the exhibition. These 2 shapes are showing a more complex construction with only triangles.

19 carl möller staal 52 vermelden bij werk h800