PUIK means ‘the best’. Not only is this the meaning of the old Dutch word. PUIK really brings you the best. Each facet of the collection is attractive. Exceptional designers, fine materials, excellent production and a great service. That is PUIK’s goal. Since 2012 with interior accessories, from 2017 the series will be expanded with furniture and an infallible story.

Bokk | Stool

Inspired by gymnastic equipment, this BOKK is a reinterpretation of the traditional buck. Designer Ka-Lai Chan likes to discover the hidden value of ordinary objects and materials. BOKK is a piece of furniture with a tough appearance. The steel frame forms an interesting geometric play of lines while embracing the felt cushion that it holds.

20 puikart stool bokk vermelden bij werk h800

Shunan | Side Table 

Erik de Nijs and Tim Smit of Nieuwe Heren (freely translated as "New Gents") aim for timeless designs with a focus on durability. For this reason they prefer badass materials like steel, concrete and wood. SHUNAN is a small table that is reminiscent of the serene Shunan forest in China. Can be used as a coffee or side table, the strong lines of the steel table legs radiate a sense of calmness, the rounded ash wood table top connects you with nature.

21 puikart side table coaster mok vermelden bij werk h800

Rare & Radiant
Carafe & Set of 2 glasses

Designer Lara van der Lugt finds the inspiration in architecture, graphic art, photography and daily life. She aims to create the biggest effect with minimal means. The guiding principle for these diamond shaped pieces is simple, ‘How can consumers be made aware of the clean
tap water we have?’ The best way in appreciating? Cherish it like a diamond.

22 puikart glasses carafe rare radiant vermelden bij werl h800

Sico | Coasters

Some objects become part of our daily routines, that we use them mindlessly. The SICO coasters challenge that very idea. What is usually seen as merely a functional daily object, designer Cecilia Valentine has transformed into geometric silicone coasters that together create a playful doodle.

23 deleno mac andrew object b h800

Set of 2 mugs 

The Daily Gems collective created a series of uniquely shaped stackable ceramic mugs. For the shape of the mugs, the designers played with architectural proportions inspired by the mathematical rules of the ‘Golden Ratio’. A sophisticated detail of this piece is the contrast between the soft matt finish of the outside and the high gloss finish of the inside.

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