About Delano Mac Andrew

Delano Paul Mac Andrew lives and works in Amsterdam. In addition to his artistry, he is currently employed as a staff member of Education & Participation at the Center for Visual Arts South East (CBK South East). As a freelancer he is involved in various projects within the arts and arts education sector; from projects in different schools to assignments from the Amsterdam Museum and the Bijlmer Park Theater. Education: Textile work methods at the teacher training college of the Inholland University and monumental design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague.

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The exhibits come from the series 'Sitting in Art', inspired by a variety of sitting positions, as found in various cultures and different social classes. The objects have no title.

Two objects have been selected for the theme 'Mondriaan'. In the design of the objects, both the chair shape and the sitting position play a prominent role. This work best fits with the theme "Mondriaan" because of the line play in the backrests and the use of the primary color blue. Looking at Composition No. 10, Pier and Ocean from 1915, you see in this work how Piet Mondriaan abstracted reality by using horizontal and vertical lines. The line play in my work does not tell a story, but brings rhythm into the design.

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