About hetWerkvan (Made By)

“hetWerkvan” is a foundation that aims to promote the art movement “Outsider art”. Outsider art is a contemporary art movement, the artists create because of a personal need and are unique creators. In our case we work with and for artists with a disability. We intend to offer these amazing artists and their individual unique artworks a platform. A platform that gives them the opportunity for emancipation and to integrate in society. Day care programs for disabled adults can be more meaningful this way. We are always open to new suggestions how we can promote our art and artists. All the revenues will be invested in the development and education of the artists with a disability. Stichting hetWerkvan sells the artwork and you can rent the art at The Office Gallery.
At the paintings we do not address the individual artist because we as foundation hetWerkvan want to put the entire group of artists in the spotlight.

hetWerkvan | Made By in Dutch Design Hotel Artemis

The ceramic is submitted by Ateliers De Wide goals 

Reinaerde Ateliers De Wide goals is an art workshop where about 40 talented artists with intellectual disabilities work. The artists make ceramics, drawings, paintings and graphics of great quality. We sell the artwork to companies and individuals. The work is also regularly seen on exhibitions. Ateliers De Wide Goals like the term ' outsider art ', with which art of people with a disability.

The paintings are submitted by Atelier Leonardo da Vinci: Workshops and Gallery Leonardo da Vinci (Ermelo) is an independent Arts Centre for people with disabilities. The Studio celebrated its 15th anniversary. There is a painting, a sculpture Studio, a ceramics workshop and a photography studio where art is made under professional guidance.