Discipline: visual arts, design en architecture

Lambert Kamps is an artist and designer based in Groningen (The Netherlands) where he has his own design studio since 1999. Lambert studied fashion and design before attending the school of fine arts in Groningen. His work is at the interface of art, architecture and design and is widely exhibited in galleries and art fairs and as site-specific installations during events.

Fat Furniture series (4)*

04-fat-furniture-chair-purple-and-stool-blue-2-lambert-kamps 04-fat-furniture-set 04-fat-furniture-lambert-kamps-dmy-berlin-2011

A collection of swollen, fat shaped furniture. It is inspired by the rising rates of obesity in Western consumer society. If you take a look at the streets these days you see a lot of people with unhealthy overweight. The sometimes strange shaped bodies inspired Lambert Kamps to make furniture with an 'obese look'. He started with covers around chair frames that he inflated and afterwards filled with foam. It gave nice round shapes; they made him think of friendly soft animals.
These shapes are still the basic shapes that he uses for current models.