Discipline: Industrial designer

Material, experiment and technology are for Marcel van Heeswijk the starting point for new ideas. He develops his designs through the investigation of material and its expressive potential. In the process of experimenting with materials, forms arise spontaneously. They serve as inspiration for the designs.

In 2013 he presented the Concrete Sofa and the Bulb TL during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven at the Klokgebouw Expo. Marcel van Heeswijk lives and works in Eindhoven.

Concrete Sofa (5)*

05-concrete-fauteuil 05-concrete-sofa

The Concrete Sofa is a comfortable sofa for indoor use. Its side panels are cast in a handmade mold and follow the contours of the ergonomic seat position.

The development process took two years. The primary intent was to use casting as a production method. Concrete is the selected material: it is strong, sustainable and industrial and it meets all structural requirements. Finding the right proportion of components for the concrete mixture – that would successfully work for the intricate shape of the mold – was the biggest technical challenge.

The shape of the concrete panels serves the ergonomic seat, resulting in a seamless interplay between them. The concrete creates an attractive contrast with the upholstery, irrespective of the applied colours.

Material: Concrete, wool, foam and steel.

Bulb TL (6)*


The technological transition from incandescent to LED lighting inspired Marcel van Heeswijk to design a lighting fixture for both types of lamps.

The Bulb TL accommodates classic light bulbs as well as LED lamps, even though they have different sizes.

The space between the hood and the lamp holder is open and adjustable. This makes the lamps part of the fixture: the area between the fitting and the beginning of the sphere is visible. Before the classic light bulb finally disappears, this lamp one more time shows how a light bulb is manufactured.

Material: copper and aluminium