Discipline: product design

It all started back in 1998. The Finnish designer Jukka Setälä created the first Original bean bag and a new way of seating was born. Alex Bergman saw an opportunity and took his chance: in 2002 the Brand Fatboy was introduced in the Netherlands. 12 Years later, Fatboy turns out to be a brand that cannot be pigeonholed. Their products are bold, unexpected and oversized. They are known for their iconic and recognizable designs and their beautiful detailing. To Fatboy style means quality. Not only in the design language, but also in the right choice of colours and selection of materials. By now the collection is way more than a beanbag, and there are more and more strong designs added every year.

The inspiration comes from everyday products but we like to give an original twist to our designs. When it comes to product design we have re-thought the way products are 'supposed to look' or 'supposed to feel' and given them a little dose of that typical Fatboy surprise. We take away everything unnecessary until we're left with something which is iconic and instantly recognizable as a real Fatboy product.
The Fatboy DNA revolves around seven important brand values: bold, sympathetic, unexpected, humorous, stylish, respectful and rebellious. These values are the base of all the projects and the essence of what Fatboy wants to accomplish: a complete experience on every front.

BigDog (7a)*


At Fatboy size definitely does matter so we're sure this huge inflatable dog will put a smile on your face. This gentle giant listens to the name 'Big Dog' and with his smaller friends 'Dolly' and 'Hot Dog' he is part of the 'Sjef Balloon' collection. Inspired by and shaped after the iconic shapes of balloon animals, this piece of affordable art will be the talk of the town anywhere you tell him to 'sit down'. With his whopping 250x200 cm 'Big Dog' is the ultimate tongue in cheek statement piece. Your new best friend will feel at home anywhere as it is available in no less than 3 stylish colours; matte white, matte silver and matte anthracite.

Dimensions: 200X250 cm
Weight: 9,7 kg
Material: PVC 0,5 mm
Care: No
Price: € 299,-

Dolly & HotDog (7b)*

07b-dolly-hot-dog-white-silver-anthracite-model 07b-dolly-silver-model2

With man's best friend in mind Fatboy came up with these cute creatures to brighten up your dullest of days. 'Dolly' and 'Hot Dog' are two of three inflatable dogs belonging to Fatboy's brand new Sjef Balloon collection. Inspired by and shaped after the iconic shapes of balloon animals these stunning pieces of affordable art will light up a room anywhere you take them. With Hot Dog being shaped like a dachshund and Dolly as a poodle they will give you lots of puppy love. The best part is that you don't have to walk them and the only thing you'll have to feed them is air! They come in three stylish colours; matte white, matte silver and matte anthracite.

Dimensions: 153x80 cm
Weight: 3,7 kg
Material: PVC 0,5 mm
Care: No
Price: € 99,-

The Edison Family (7c)*


The Edison Collection is a tribute to the inventor of the electric light bulb (1879), Thomas Edison, but Edison The Grand is a far cry from over-fussy Victoriana. As we have applied LED technology for the lamps they light up from head to toe.
Uniquely wireless, Edison The Petit is portable, rechargeable and ready for use wherever you want. Indoors as well as outdoors. The lamp has three settings and lightens up your life for 6 to 24 hours before it needs to be recharged.
Imagine the classic table lamp in an oversized format and you have Edison The Grand. This iconic lamp has also three settings so you can adjust the brightness to create the ideal mood for your living room, garden or sundeck. A Fatboy twist: the red electric lead matches our striking logo perfectly.
When an Edison the Petit is just not big enough or an Edison the Grand is simply too big, Fatboy now has the perfect size! The Edison the Medium. Due to its beautiful form, material and color the Medium will fit in almost every interior- and exterior. Cherry on the cake: By using the oversized red remote to dim the light you can set the mood instantly without having to get out of your comfy chair!
Edison the Petit: price: € 59,-
Edison the Medium: price: € 229,-
Edison the Grand: price: € 449,-