Company: Odesi ( )
Designer: Daniel Hulsbergen| Studio Daniel ( )
Discipline: product design

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There is a name behind every piece of furniture. Odesi has a unique collection of Dutch Design Talents: a motley crew of creative spirits, young talent and established names among them. Each one with its own signature, but always recognizable within the exclusive world of Odesi.

Beautiful furniture you will love for years to come. That is why we pay so much attention to the materials, the finish and construction of our furniture at Odesi. Wood is real wood. Metal is real metal. A piece of furniture is not even complete until it is at your home an part of your life. Every day, year in, year out.

About Studio Daniel | Product & Craft

Studio Daniel focuses on creating products with a visible emotional charge. The core essence of each product is to tell a story. The use of materials and detailing plays an important part. In each design various aspects of craftsmanship are integrated.

The ongoing search to find new materials and combinations is a daily challenge and major drive of the studio. Each piece from Studio Daniel is unique and carefully handmade.

The Satori lamp is created and produced by Studio Daniel for Odesi. Order it exclusively online at: - price € 485,-

Satori (10)*

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The grand size is the first thing you will notice, the Satori lamp has an imposing presence. Touch or hold the lamp, and you will be surprised by how light it is. The secret lies in the materials.

As a little boy, Daniel Hulsbergen was fascinated by the modelling of glider planes. He dreamed of building one for himself one day. Unfortunately, they were very expensive in those days.

Now, years later, he still dreams of glider planes. Therefore, he overtook the technique and material for making a glider and used them to design the Satori. The materials used in this design are balsa wood and oratex which is used to cover the wings of a glider and gives the lamp altogether it's ultra-lightweight.

The Satori has an inner and outer frame which both are octagons. The smaller inner frame is fully covered with the oratex fabric to have a similar effect as a lampshade. The outer frame only has four sides covered, meaning the light will be divided and diffused further into the room.

Material: balsa wood, oratex, cotton cord (2m), porcelain socket
Dimension: 70 x 70 x 70 cm
50 x 50 x 50 cm
Price: € 485,-
€ 435,-
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