Discipline: jewellery, decorative ceramics

Judith Bloedjes (1968), visual artist, wants to give ceramics the appraisal it deserves. She designs and makes highly wearable porcelain jewellery. Her use of manifold textures and materials like porcelain and silver give these objects an industrial appearance. However, upon closer inspection they reveal a soft and sober character. A journey into shape and form led to a broad diversity of unique specimens.

Bloedjes has also designed a whole range of unusual design objects made of her favourite material porcelain, that all seem to have one thing in common: they are so exceptional, it's quite hard to tell what purpose they serve until they are actually in use and thus come to life.

Besides Bloedjes is currently working on live performances of fresh porcelain jewellery made live on models in 'a catwalky' surrounding.

Especially for this jubilee exhibition Judith Bloedjes created a hanging installation with there in processed a symbolic figure 10. (no picture available before brochure going to print)

Movie about the work of Judith Bloedjes in Kunstuur (Dutch television)

Ring (11)*

11 bloedjes1 h200

Material: Limoges porcelain (hand thrown) and silver
Photo by Pim Rusch

Vase object (12)*

12 bloedjes2 h200

Porcelain to uphold a single or several flowers in a vase.
Photo by D&M Depot

Dangling object: (13)*

13 judith bloedjes 2 foto h200

Porcelain, aluminium

Ring (14)*

14 bloedjes5 h200

Limoges porcelain (hand thrown) and silver
Photo by Avis Photography