Discipline: product design, furniture makers

Paul Latta has been making furniture and wood objects for already a long time. But in 2010 he decided to left the comfort zone of a regular job and focus entirely on working with wood. Together with his partner Femia Kievits he founded IT'S LATTA. The duo designs especial furniture, both autonomous work or under commission of individuals. IT'S LATTA has a workplace in Amsterdam. In the designs, the shape and lines of the model and material are key points. The furniture is inspired by mathematics and show a passion for intricate corners and nice wood miter joints.

Site tables Omega, F, G, Z, S, W, O en Et (@) (15)*


In the exhibition 'Uptime', last year in De Kunstkerk in Amsterdam, the focus was on large pieces of furniture like a writing desk, sideboard, dressers and coffee tables. For the D&A exhibition 'Shapes' is chosen for a series of side tables which are designed especially for the sheet material bamboo. The shape of the tables and the lines in the bamboo strengthen each other. Through miter sawing all the corners, nice continuous lines and invisible joints are created. Additionally, a bamboo strip of another colour accentuates in turn the shape of the table. The angles used in the models and on the sides of the material show to the fine structure of the bamboo. All designs are named after a letter or character: Omega, F, G, Z, S, W, O and Et (@).

Material: bamboo

Price: Ranges from 200 to 350 euros. Some models (Et and W) are suitable for enlarging to be coffee table. The S-table is suitable to be used as TV bench. More options are possible.