Discipline: visual artist

About Ellen Vroegh: (16)*

16-16-birds 16-64-doves 16-cats-on-the-loft 

Ellen Vroegh studied at the Academy of Arts, Willem de Kooning in Rotterdam. Since 1993 she lives in 't Gooi. (NL)

Her art varies in style with changing palette: warm colours such as terracotta and other alternate with strong primary colours and black and white compositions.

Her work consists of digital design, side-tables, painted stones, paintings: modern figurative or abstract.
Her conception is mainly found in composition, form, balance and colour.

Materials: acrylic paint, pastels, charcoal and collage materials.
Tools: brush, sponge, palette knife and her hands.

During her exhibition in the town hall of Huizen in 2008, two of her paintings "Danceuses Exotiques" and "Piano Woman" received national and international recognition when she had to remove them after complaints of some Muslim men. She did not agree and informed the press about this censorship.

After publication in various newspapers about this censorship she was approached by the liberal party to exhibit these works in the Freethinkers room of the parliament in The Hague, which had been established in 2008 after a number of incidents of censorship that took place at the same time.

16-feathers 16-pianohat

The Van Abbemuseum purchased the Freethinkers Space project in 2011.

Main exhibitions from 2008 until 2014:

The Korenbeurs Schiedam
Multiple Gallery Rotterdam
Van Abbemuseum 2010/2012
Eindhoven, Blokhuispoort Leeuwarden
"t Spant Theatre Bussum
Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
ISM Gallery Hilversum
Conference center Drakenburg Baarn
Gallery Prins a/d Gracht Amsterdam
Fortress Museum Naarden
Freethinkersspace Parliament Den Hague
GSA Art centre Hilversum
Municipality of Huizen
Graaf Wichman Theatre Huizen
Museum Huizen