Discipline: product design

Marco Manders (1965) has been professionally active in the creative sector for the past thirty years. He studied Art Direction at the Academy of Arts (HKU) in Utrecht. He was one of the first in the Netherlands, who in 1985 started to work with the Apple Macintosh and in this way he entered the Graphic sector. Besides graphic design and concept (owner of Opus II and later Omnus) Manders has been busy putting down a product line that is dear to him for the past few years. Manders his first idea had its origin ten years ago after a pitch for Rijkswaterstaat (part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) and from there he kept developing his product more and more. The result is impressive; the Tulpi®-seat.

Marco Manders is currently working on new designs, such as the Tulpi-seat-Shine and the Tulpi-bin.

Tulpi-seat (17)*

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The eye-catching Tulpi®-seat, developed by Dutch designer Marco Manders, will add colour to any environment. The Tulpi®-seat is a perfect combination of design, ergonomics and sustainability with a huge fun factor! The Tulpi®-seat automatically folds when its occupant gets up... guaranteeing a clean and dry seat for the next user! With full 360 degree rotation, the Tulpi®-seat lets you pick your own view! This clever contemporary product is typical of Dutch design, entertaining and quirky. It will 'flower' and brighten up your surroundings!

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Synthetic material (sitting and the back of the chair): LLDPE, ico 4-3590
Metal (leg, hinge- and assembly materials): Stainless steel 316

688 mm x 418 mm x 1157 mm

Baseplate: stainless steel 18 kg | 39,7 lbs ø 70 cm
Seat + Leg: polyethylene + stainless steel 15 kg | 33 lbs
100% recyclable materials

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