‘Images that I cannot immediately fathom, intrigue me often than a picture that tells a clear defined message ore complete story’.

My paintings resemble pictures which are covered with a layer of ice. Through the use of beeswax, the vague layered performances have a transparant and immaterial
appearance. It also makes the painting more into a wall object. The warm wax with pigments flow through and over each other to show that I often do not know where it will go, at least initially. It is the material that asks me what to do.
Images that I can not immediately fathom, intrigue me often more than a picture that tells a clear defined message, or complete story. The presentation should tell a story raising questings for the viewer, or just be there with something you want to leave: emotion, thoughts, or memories.
This way I also work on my paintings, I build up the leayers like some kind of labour in which memorial images are part of the painting process. Thanks to the transparancy of the wax you can, in a way, penetrate the painting. There is a certain depth, but you don’t know where it ends, and what is in it.

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Suus shows in this series how translucent the water can be, how soft, agile, but also so unpredictable and soothing, and so Dutch.

suus kooijman boerderij inde eempolder w666

suus kooijman eem w666