‘I want to show the power and beauty of nature through tactile textiles’.

Roos’s work is characterized by an outspoken, visual story and careful detailing. Her works are produced in high-quality, durable materials. The designs reflect her curiosity about life and her ability to look at it from a unique perspective. Thanks to her fashion background, she has developed a talent for selecting bold colour combinations and combining different materials to create luxurious fabrics.

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Skinn Wall, wandkleed.

Skinn wall is inspired by Dogwhelks, which is a sea snail. A couple of centuries ago, we used them for our purple dye-stuff nowadays is an important indicator for the ecological functioning of the North Sea; Skinn Wall is also a microscopic magnification of the deposition of the purple snails eggs on the seabed.

roos soetekouw Skinn No1 w666

Fungy Tablerunner, tablerunner

The Fungy Collection is inspired by a fungus discovered in Brazil, it has the incredible ability to break down plastic. The tablerunner shows the cellstructure of the fungus which excists, mainly out of water.

roos soetekouw Fungy collection 10 w666

Fay! Theedoeken

These teatowels are inspired by koral reefs filed with rich life. ‘Do you see the sea anemones sway in the movement of the water? And in the darkness of the reef, a coral snake slithers by.’

roos soetekouw fungy 3 w666