‘Teresa van Dongen is fascinated by light as a translation of energy and the combination of water and glass. Her work is often related to a scientific research or theme that she freely translates into a design object.

The works by Teresa van Dongen are like odes to water with each time a different meaning or function. "I like to use water as if it were a material. Only, we can’t live without this material; water is in the air, in our body and in all life, to me water has a calming power."

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Energy is a precious commodity, but often we don’t notice when it’s wasted. Teresa van Dongen looked for a way to use the heat lost by halogen lamps and created Lumist – a lamp and humidifier in one. The heat from the bulb keeps the surrounding water just under boiling point, which causes the water to evaporate. More water is constantly provided by the adjacent reservoir. By capturing the contradictory traits of water and light in glass, Teresa visualizes this otherwise lost energy

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