‘Nature is my ‘Wunderkammer’, there is so much more…’

The works of designer Juul Rameau are featured by tough material and natural shapes. Fascinated by patterns and structures which she finds in nature. Water fascinates, inspires and relaxes her. Its layers and transparency of it teaches her to observe and creates space to convert her ideas into images. Water and nature are one.

Visit the website for more information: www.juulrameau.com

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When approaching or walking alongside C o S, the pattern changes stimulating the observers senses. C o S functions as an intervention in the space in which it is located and inspires to look through the light.

JuulRameau CoS lighting object 2 w666

Torch serie

My artwork shows the richness of nature. These monoprints are inspired by the torch plant. This series of monoprints have been the inspiration for the Torch sculptures.

JuulRameau Toorts serie 1 w666


JuulRameau Toorts serie 2 w666