‘Expression of vulnerability and light of nature and water’

I am fascinated by ‘lives’, their origins, developments, desires, dreams and truths. I am inspired by the ‘light’ around persons or props. I use glass, wood, iron, copper and recycled things for my work. As a theatre designer I think in terms of images, films and parts of films. I like clear language. Therefore I often create clear images. But I also like decorating, beautifying things, creating an atmosphere. It may take years to finish a series of objects. It is like digging up old fossils. They slowly develop under my hands, sometimes by working, but often by living. I would like to share, like ancient peoples, instinctively. Existing for thousands of years and yet new. Time has been frozen. Time is consciousness.

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"Zeeuws Light" Chandelier

The desire for a new landscape, the space between heaven and earth. It is the color that surprises me and the light of the movement. Just what appears in front of me.
Nesting in the earth, fire, water and unabashed reborn.
And always looking for that light and that deep desire to do it again.

The chandelier is made of glass objects, glass beads, cornets, oyster and mussel shells.

ansbakker Zeeuws Licht kroonluchter close up w666

“Zeeuws light” no.6

The glass objects from the series: "Zeeuws Light" were created by the many summers on the Oosterschelde. The Oosterschelde has a tremendous appeal and beauty in colors and shapes. The influence of The Light on me and my work is enormously enriching. The glass objects were blown into sand molds with Zeeland sand, and that is leaving the structure behind in the glass. All objects are unique because the sand molds can only be used once. The search for the organic form of these water models is strengthened by polishing them at some places and strengthening the water and the landscape.

ansbakker Zeeuws Licht no.6 w666

“Zeeuws light” no.8

Because I work with many materials that I find in the ports or on the water, I process them with my glass. Pieces of wood from scaffolding, pieces of ship rope and cornets of mussel cutters. The addition of oysters and seaweed to the glassware creates a surprising collection of "Zeeuws Light"

ansbakker Zeeuws Licht no.8 w666