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About Phing Thing (2*)

Have you ever heard about Phing Things? They are small rebels with a cause. They came into this world when their maker (Gert-jan Vlaming) created them more or less by accident when he was in China. From the moment they came out of their mould, it was clear to him that they had a purpose, but only in recent years has this purpose become much clearer – to Spread Happiness.

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People become happy when they see one and want to feel and hold it. It is really touching when you hear their stories about what this little sculpture does to people and what it means to them. Seeing and hearing this has made the goal clear ‘to bring as many Phing Things into the world as possible, so they can do their job, to Spread Happiness.

It is important that everything around the Phing Things happens in a good and fair way. Only by doing it this way, can they have the strength they have. The Phing Things are produced in a place called ‘de Lente’ (Spring), where people work who have difficulties finding a job. Quite often the money raised by selling the Phing Things goes to charity, also in the case with the Phing Things sold in Dutch Design Hotel Artemis, this money will go to ‘Stichting hetWerkvan’ which sells art by people with disabilities.

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If you would like to know more about the Phing Things you can go to www.phingthing.com or follow them via www.facebook.com/Phing.Thing

P.S. If you would like to buy a Phing Thing, we have to warn you that they can be a bit naughty at times, but their hearts are pure gold.

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