Discipline: art movement Outsider Art

About hetWerkvan (Madeby): (3)*

hetWerkvan is a foundation that aims to promote the art movement Outsider Art. Outsider Art is a contemporary art movement, the artists create because of a personal need and are unique creators. In the case of hetWerkvan they work with and for artists with a disability. They intend to offer these amazing artists and their individual unique artworks a platform. A platform that gives them the opportunity for emancipation and to integrate in society. Day care programs for disabled adults can be more meaningful this way.

03 het werk van logo h200There are many workshops for artists with a disability. There professional supervisors support the artists in the creative process of making an artwork. The organisation hetWerkvan, sells art from these workshops.

Budgets in healthcare are cut and face limitations, therefor the ateliers are increasingly in need of new funding. The artists supervisor should primarily focus on guidance of the creative process and the education of the artist. However because of their budget responsibility, they have to become more and more commercial. And commerce is not their expertise!

The objective of hetWerkvan is to take care of these commercial activities and they intend to support these ateliers and their supervisors in this specific commercial area with expertise and knowledge.

HetWerkvan is a foundation with a clear corporate social responsibility (CSR) goal. They buy their products directly from the workshops and they pay a fair price. There main interest is to ensure these ateliers to survive and to continue to be a place of growth for their artists. This way they can continue to provide for a great creative output and artworks of all sorts.

Besides re-selling these artworks, they also offer, on request, support with business-requests made upon these workshops. They happily offer their expertise in making custom-made tenders and give support from application to delivery. For example: Art by Assignment, Painting/drawing on site, Business exhibition, the Driving Gallery on your own event and there is the opportunity to become a Partner or a Friend.

They are always open to new suggestions how they can promote their art and artists and help in their development and education.

hetWerkvan I Made By in Dutch Design Hotel Artemis (3)*

hetWerkvan has especially for the exhibition X, in honor of the 10th anniversary of Dutch Design Hotel Artemis, selected an extensive collection from the following workshops: De Wijde Doelen in Utrecht, Kijkoor in Eemnes and Herenplaats in Rotterdam.

To support the good work of hetWerkvan one can not only purchase these works, but there are also several other promotions for money collection started by Dutch Design Hotel Artemis.

Elise Klijn-huisjes I Atelier / workshop Kijkoor (3a)*

03a kijkoor elise klijn huisjes 53x67 h200

dimension: 53 X 67 cm
price: € 150,-

M.Hazewinkel I Atelier / workshop Kijkoor (3b)*

03b kijkoor m.hazewinkel lino 50x50 h200

Dimension: 50 x 50 cm
price: € 150,-

M.Vredenbrecht I Atelier / workshop Kijkoor (3c)*

03c kijkoor m.vredenbrecht giclee 50x70 h200

dimension: 50 x 70 cm
price: € 175,-

Bird Piet by Derk Wessels I Atelier / workshop Wijde Doelen (3d)*

03d wijde doelen derk wessels vogel piet 56x45 h200

dimension: 56 X 45 cm
price: € 160,-