Discipline: Artitectus Universalis

Artitectus Universalis = work area at the interface of sculpture, architecture and applied art

Since 2006, Sander Bokkinga (formerly known as bok.) researches, conceives & creates projects and stories on the edge of reality and imagination.

Sander Bokkinga is an Urban Huntsman for Ingenious Freedom. Nonconformist by choice, connected to contemporary society yet always inclined to investigate and push boundaries.
Hunting for Ingenious Freedom is an attitude, a state of mind.

Sander Bokkinga work relates directly to this quest of physical and spiritual freedom. Trained as an architect, his quest for freedom defines the space on the edge of reality and imagination. His work relates to the non-descript desire of citizens to break free from rules and conventions in a tactile and positive manner. His art is an infusion of joy, freedom and interaction. His art is an inquisitive desire towards ingenious freedom.

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Lumineus Fragment 02

lightning Sculpture

The Lumineus Fragment is a new hunting ground. A experiment of Hosepipe and Maquette style. A mix of reality and imagination.

Material: wood, acrylic resin, polyester resin and coating, hosepipe and magic!
Dimension: 30” x 30” x 90” - 75 x 75 x 225 cm
A series of unique pieces.

price: € 1.895,-


Floor lamp

In the Hosepipe-series Sander Bokkinga found both the material and shapes to reflect his hunt for ingenious freedom. The material, Hosepipe (filled with magic), embodies Sander Bokkinga’s childhood in the countryside, a time of freedom. The shapes from the Hosepipe-series objectify freedom. A strict and rigid system is not always needed to create a beautiful an comfortable object like the chairs, stools and lamps. And the Hosepipe can still be connected to the tap.

The material: hosepipe and magic!
Dimension: 10” x 10” x 30” - 25 x 25 x 75 cm
A series of unique pieces.

Price: € 595,-

Hunting Rockabilly Chairs

Hunting (Rocking) Chair

New hunting grounds need new chairs. The Rockabilly Chairs are a part of the Swamp Hunter story. A story about Mr. Lacoste, a crocodile with a propeller, mechanically mutated in order to challenge Swamp Huntertje. A story about fantasy and reality and also a bit about Sonny Crockett and RicardoTubbs!

The material: oak wood, acrylic resin, polyester resin and coating, PP rope, leather!
Dimension: 30” x 40” x 40” - 75 x 100 x 100 cm


Price: € 650,- each, set € 1.100,-