Discipline: Interior and product design

Teun Fleskens is a product- and interior designer. He graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2009 and his design studio is located in Tilburg. For the past 4 years he has been working with Dutch manufacturer RiZZ to create a sustainable collection for the entrance. In a few words his style could be described as pure and natural versus industrial and clearly present but not demanding. What is most important about his designs, is that the products are not only functional, but overall meaningful. He creates products with added value for users and environment. The concept is very important. This can be a serious statement or just making a smile appear; capturing the essence of this conceptual thinking into a minimalistic design.

ChitChat (6)*

06 chitchat swinging seat 1 rizz teunfleskens h200

Waiting in public spaces can always be made more fun. With that goal in mind we designed the ‘Chit Chat’. A swinging seat made from multiplex or polyester that seats one to seven people. If you take a seat, you bring the furniture and everyone who is sitting on it into motion. This almost always leads to interaction. It is surprising and encourages you to talk about it with your neighbour, forces strangers to work together to find the best balance. This breaks the ice, improves the atmosphere and waiting is made less boring.

ChitChat Polyester: price starting from: € 7.500,-
ChitChat Wood: price starting from: € 22.000,-

Candle Stands(7)*

07 rizz tec special candelabra copper 2 h200

The candle stands consist of multiple components that can be combined, and used both indoor and outdoor. The components fit together by means of the inventive and patented RiZZ connector, the same design that is used in the RiZZ coat rack collection. (design by Teun Fleskens)
RiZZ candle stands are both standard and made-to measure. By adding or changing components, it is possible to change the model of a standard candle stand, or to create your own unique model. To vary, it is possible to combine multiple colours and materials. All components are available in white, anthracite, stainless steel and copper.

Because of the high quality, strong stainless steel tubes and weather-proof coating, all candle stands and holders are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The glass wind light protects the candle against movement or wind and keeps the flame burning.