Discipline: multimedia artist, VJ, graphic designer

Multimedia artist Rachel De Boer went to the Rietveld Academy and the Rijks Academy and was one of the pioneers that started working with video, animation and computers. After that she was one of the first VJ's from the Netherlands and presents herself under the name of Floating Media. She did a lot of live performances in Europe and the U.S. working together with musicians, actors, dancers and DJ's. Alongside of her work as a VJ, she developed and made large video decors for dance, theater, and television productions. She also exposed her autonomous works in different places and galleries.

The work from Rachel can be described as minimalistic. It is characterized by its simplicity, graphical, empty, silence, giving minimal but direct information. With little information she portrays a strong clear image. Rachel communicates with her public in her own symbolic language, with both her video work, drawings and installations as well as her live VJ'ing.
Rachel uses different media techniques in her work: installations, objects, work on paper, video and computer techniques etc. In this jubilee exhibition Rachel de Boer not only shows her most recent work on canvas bus also her in the past already shown very characteristic hanging ‘Business men’

Landing stage (10a)*

10a steiger h200

Business men (10b)*

10b zakenmannetjes h200

Raree-show (10c)*

10c kijkdoos h200

THE print (10d)*

10d the print h200