Discipline: product design

About Funny-Farm: (15)*

15 artemis compilatie graag op 1 page h200 15 vreemde vogels sevies pers h200

We are the Funny-Farm!

You could see the characters from the Funny-Farm only as 15 drops of ink and nothing more. But if you come along with us and use your imagination, you can step into the world of the Funny-Farm and find Flo, Doc, Sam, Ding and Dong, Fiona, Max, Jazz, Rex, Bo, Cor, Nell, Gus, Lizz and Dara everywhere. Because they are hiding everywhere, inside a mug, on a clock, on a deck of cards, lampshade, T-shirts or just on the wall. All Funny-farm members tell a story without words and their goal is to bring a smile to your face.
Find them and meet them at the Dutch Design Hotel Artemis in Amsterdam.